Zezão is one of the leaders of Brazilian abstract graffiti. He grew up and works in Sao Paulo.

This intuitive artist first painted with pixadores (1985), in the same crew as Boleta, another Street artist. The goal was to climb up the highest building of Sao Paulo to write his name. During a very dark depression (1993), the artist started bombing (term commonly used to describe the action of graffiti) undergrounds, in the sewer system and subterranean water ducts. He went alone and did not want anyone to find him.

His art saved him, as he says, and he met some incredibly poor people during this time of his life. He decided to help them by “making their life a little more colourful” and using the media (interviews) to point out a reality of those forgotten places where no one ever goes. The purpose of the socio-political engagement of his work is to reveal the existence of this misery.

His specific calligraphy, with which he always signs his name, is an abstract representation of a water source. Driving around the city, one can also see many of his different colorful styles of graffiti, painted alone or with his friends.