Zeh Palito


Zéh Palito loves nature and wants to encourage human city-dwellers the world over to once again look at nature with a bit of wonder. His brightly colored murals feature animals, plants, people and abstract forms. He creates powerful messages that link us, as humanity, to our world around us and to all living beings that coexist among us. Aside from being beautiful pieces of public art that one could stop to look at on the way to perform the daily chores, his pieces possess a hint of narrative wisely provides enough to fill in the absent gaps, giving the observer something to take with them, a message or something to consider.

Zéh Palito shares his new visual mythology and thoughts about the future, celebrating the vitality and dynamism of this chaotic world, however poetic, here composed of bright colors, geometric structures, organic abstraction, and dimensional variations full of mystical dreams.

His work has been shown throughout the world in places ranging from France, South Korea, United States, Syria, Dubai, Belgium, Chile, Spain, Germany, Poland, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Argentina and Zambia.



Museum Exhibition

2014 – “2° – Mostra Graffiti Street Art” – (MAC – Museum of Contemporary Art) – Americana – São Paulo – Brazil

​​​​​​​Solo Exhibition

2016- “Utopia Tropical”- Galeria Quintal- Rio de Janeiro-Brasil

2013- “We saw the future”- Gallery Idrawalot- Berlin-Germany

2012- Mystical Dreams-독립문화공간 아지트/ AGIT Gallery-Busan-South Korea

2012-‘신비한 삶’- Grand Hilton Hotel- Seoul-South Korea

2011-“Amarillo Oniríco”-Galeria Belle Artes-Cáceres-Spain

2011- “Peace Love and Unicorns” FB Gallery-New York-United States

2009- “Devaneio”- Galeria Moto-Santiago-Chile

2008- “O Maravilhoso Mundo do Zéh Palito”- Atelier Vó Zuzu- Porto Alegre-RS- Brazil​​

​​​​​​​Group Exhibition

2017-“Cosmic Boys”- Brazil Art Center- Beirute Lebanon

2016- “Cosmic Boys” – Art Rua – Rio De Janeiro- Brazil

2016-” BrownDontDrown” – Frost Gallery- New York- United States

2016- “Braziliarty”- Soho Gallery- Londres-England

2015- “Art Rua” – Festival Art Rua- Rio de Janeiro-Brasil

2015- Multiplo Incomum- Galeria A7MA- São Paulo- Brazil

2015- Atemporal- Galeria Graphos- Rio de Janeiro-Brazil

2014- “Feira Art Rua”- Paralela à Art Rio- Rio De Janeiro- Brazil

2014- “Bajo el Concreto”- Neurotitan Gallery- Berlin- Germany

2014- “COMPOSTO” – Galeria Verve- São Paulo-Brazil

2013- “CINCO” – Galeria Sebastião Orlando da Silva-Limeira-SP-Brazil

2012-“M.C.1- Movimentos Convergentes”- O.F Carlos Gomes-Limeira-SP-Brazil

2012-“1* Mostra Graffiti e Street Art”- Galeria Vitória- Limeira-SP-Brazil

2011-”FRESH PRODUCE”-Anno Domini Gallery- California-United States

2011-“Unbenannte Frauen”-Galerie KLOT-Berlin-Germany

2011-“Pop up Gallery”-Brooklynite Gallery + FB Gallery-New York -United States

2010- “The Minority Coalition’s Tenth Annual International Festival” – Cassopolis-United States

2008- “Expo Amores”- Faal-Faculdade de Artes e Administração de Limeira- Limeira-SP- Brazil

2007-“Mostra de Artes Visuais -O Moderno e o Contemporâneo”- Centro Cultural Palacety Levy – Limeira-SP-Brazil



Graduated of Graphic Design (FAAL- Faculdade de Administracao e Artes de Limeira)

Certificated in Fine Art EMCEA (Escola Municipal de Cultura e Artes)

Certificated in Development Studies at Humana People to People (United States and Zambia)