Aleksandra Petković (1988.) working under alias TKV is Belgrade based street artist. After attending high school for graphic arts, department of photography, she pursued her formal education in media theory and has been awarded an MA in Culture of Global Media in 2012. She has been actively involved in her artistic practice since 2004, departing from street art and later pursuing different techniques and media–from furniture redesign to 3D printing.

In order to bring together public and gallery spaces, the artist creates and intervenes in public space. By leaving her own imprint on the appearance of the public space, she exercises her right to the city and opens dialogue about who has right over public spaces and what kind of spaces allow changing.

Through the usage of spray paint on a variety of surfaces, TKV creates art pieces characteristic to her unique style and inspired by street art, however in context of gallery spaces and formats. Dynamics of the city influences the art that emerges in a public space, giving it genuine and creative signature. Spontaneity and guerilla approach to the creative process inscribe in her work a very special kind of energy of the city she lives and intervenes in. Through graphic multiplication, introduction of schematic replication and combination of discarded and abandoned artifacts, the author creates pieces which equally communicate in fields of both gallery and the street, thus neutralizing barriers of defined/expected spaces.

Artistic engagement in public spaces influences artist’s style and her freedom of expression. Experiences gained through her engagement in galleries influence creation in a different manner, through the attempt to bring to a closed space experience gained in a public environment. Influence of the environment is equally relevant for redefinition of artistic style and exploration.

Exhibition History

2018. September, group exhibition “Co-Travellers“ , Museum of Contemporary art, Noi Sad, Serbia
2018. May, group exhibition “KUNST IM ZENTRUM DER FRAUEN“ Aktionsraum LinKz gallery, Linz, Austria
2017.December- 2018. February ,solo exhibition “About Invisible“ Institut français de Serbie , Belgrade, Serbia
2015. December, group exhibition “Sva lica inspiracije“ , ŠTAB gallery , Belgrade ,Serbia
2015. August, group exhibition“Europa Paradigma est3“ Iniziativa Centro Europea, Trieste,Italy
2014. October, group exhibition “Fine arts Autumn 2014.“ , Cultural Center “Laza Kostić“ , Sombor, Serbia
2014. May, solo exhibition “Found Objects“ Zečević gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2013. December, solo exhibition, “TKV“, White gallery ,Bela Crkva, Serbia.
2013. August, solo exhibition, European Center for Culture and Debate GRAD, Belgrade, Serbia
2013. June – group exhibition “Belgrade Open Art“, Belgrade Cultural Center, Belgrade, Serbia
2012. October– group exhibition “3rd Queer Salon“ gallery Magacin, Belgrade, Serbia.
2012. September– group exhibition “Sa Okayame“- Tenjinyama Cultural Plaza, Okayama and “HEIGHTS“ gallery Tokyo, Japan
2012. June – group exhibition “New Folklore“, European Center for Culture and Debate GRAD, Belgrade, Serbia
2011. September – group exhibition, Supermarket concept store, Belgrade, Serbia
2011. July, solo exhibition, “Street as gallery- Gallery as Street“, gallery “Parobrod“, Belgrade, Serbia.
2011. June – solo exhibition , Cultural Center Sopot, Sopot ,Serbia
2010. December – group exhibition “Through Drawing“, gallery Magacin , Belgrade,Serbia
2010. March – group exhibition, “Canvas Made of Concrete“, UBSM Art Center University Library , Belgrade, Serbia
2010. January – group exbitition “Young Monkeys Take Over The City“, Institut français de Serbie , Belgrade, Serbia
2009. September– solo exhibition, European Center for Culture and Debate GRAD, Belgrade, Serbia
2007. July – group exhibition “Graffiti & Street art“, gallery BLOK, Belgrade, Serbia