Hamilton Yokota (aka Titi Freak) was born in 1974 in São Paulo, Brazil. Drawing influence from his Japanese heritage as well as his Brazilian upbringing, Titi Freak’s diverse mixture of cultural backgrounds combine to form a very distinct perspective, and unique creative voice.

His artistic talent began in early childhood, drawing on the walls of his house. Instead of punishing this behavior, his mother recognized it as a special gift and at the age of 13, brought him to the studio of Mauricio de Souza, an important Brazilian comic and producer. It was there that he drew, illustrated, and developed characters for the next seven years. Titi Freak’s sense of style, skill as an illustrator, and his professionalism kept him in great demand. He has created work for International ad agencies and several brands including Adidas, Ecko and Nike.

Titi Freak first began writing graffiti in 1995 on the streets of São Paulo. His style fuses Eastern and Western cultures, where fashion, pop imagery, illustration, graffiti and comics all intertwine. Titi Freak’s references range from Hokusai and Murakami to Robert Williams and Dave Cooper. He is also a champion yo-yo master.