Rosalio Vargas

Rosalio is a native Californian with an incredible gift for the arts. At a very early age, his racing creative mind and explosive intellect were met with resistance in the educational system. He persevered by focusing on his art and today Rosalio is a well renowned painter. His work is part of prestigious private collections in Silicon Valley and around the world.

His journey took him to Australia, the land of space and freedom where he perfected his contemporary and abstract work inspired predominantly by the female form. Rosalio quickly became a serious selling artist in Melbourne, Australia where his passion and creations were recognized by prestigious art gallery showings in Melbourne, Brisbane, Noosa and in San Francisco.

In the past years, Rosalio has created a unique and unmistakable brand that continues to inspire private collectors and corporations where his work inspires creativity and enthusiasm. Rosalio’s creations display amongst top corporate companies and multi-million dollar homes embodying the holistic, creative and high-performance spirit of Silicon Valley.

Through Rosalio’s fascination by the ground breaking work of a pioneer Japanese researcher, Dr Masaru Emoto, and his forefront study of water, proving that thoughts and feelings affect physical reality, the artist applies this principle through the primary component of this work, water, infusing THOUGHTS, PRAYERS and INTENTIONS into his paintings.

Rosalio believes in giving back: Creating art is what kept Rosalio going at a young age, and he now relentlessly and passionately works in bringing art into education programs, and shifting the paradigm of schools to recognize the individual genius of every child and to help them ignite the spark of creativity in others.

While Rosalio travels the world working on commissioned paintings with extraordinary people who strike his genius, he donates a percentage of his earnings towards the revolution of art, education, and business through the eyes and heart of an artist.